Capturing and Captivating

Success, like anything else is built step by step. Some steps can feel a little harder than others.

As far as my YouTube channel is concerned I have content, it’s mediocre in my view but that’s all part of the process and I am learning from it. With each video I get a little feedback on what works, what doesn’t and what to try next. The formula for captivating content isn’t quite foolproof, there’s a lot of trial and error involved.

My struggle is gaining an audience, the right audience.

My niche is Aerial Circus and it’s a tough market to promote. Most forums are either very specialized or are completely inactive, blog posts are few and far between let alone dedicated sites. I’m currently searching through all the Facebook groups (most of which are private and do not allow such promotions) trying to find a ticket in.

The myriad of advice that I’ve either received or researched has been conflicting to say the least.

‘Post every day’

‘Don’t post too much’

‘Be honest’

‘Embellish a little’

‘Be yourself’

‘Create who you want to become’

Sound familiar to anyone?

It’s a tough road to travel especially when self-promotion is taboo and often rejected. Of course, the more research I do the more ads pop up promising me the ‘secrets’ of increasing my followers, but let’s travel just one road at a time.

The question I’m asking myself right now is ‘Am I being impatient or am I failing?’ How can I even tell?

There’s nobody within my social circle that is able to help me with this dilemma so I’m relying on absolute strangers whose marketing tactics appealed to me and convinced me to part with hard earned cash. Yikes! I sound like a mug!


gold cup
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Nevertheless, no risk no reward, right?

Want to see what Aerial Circus is all about?


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